Sports Compression Socks especially for cyclists. Avoid tired legs and recover significantly faster after a course. A perfect fit guaranteed by 6 measuring points!

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There is a lot of cycling in the Netherlands. We grow up with it and it is often said ‘you never forget how to ride a bike’. That turns out, because more and more people are buying a bike. One cycles to spend his free time in a healthy way. Others cycle to work on their fitness and strength and hope for a great achievement. That can be in the platoon, with a classic, during the fast XC mountain bike races or an hour-long (foreign) mountain bike marathon.



Team Boels Dolmans

For whom
Both the competitive and recreational cyclists benefit greatly from wearing Herzog compression socks. The socks are worn especially after a training or course to promote recovery. But cyclists also benefit greatly from Herzog Compression Socks during exercise. Due to the decreasing turnover of pressure, waste materials are disposed of faster, which makes you less likely to acidify. In addition, it is advisable to wear the socks during travels to prevent swollen legs.

The effect
The stocks ensure a faster recovery and less trouble with cramps and stiff calves. All these findings are medically substantiated and proven. Meanwhile, the Herzog Medical Sport Compression Socks are in demand within the professional cycling peloton.

‘I use the Herzog socks during each flight to reduce fluid in my legs and recover faster from the journey. The same goes for long car journeys and moments in between matches. The Herzog socks are a fixed item of the contents of my travel case.’

Anna van der Breggen

Olympic and European champion, Team SD Worx

‘I’m very satisfied with the use of the socks for recovery and during travel. I’m also a fan of the tubes, especially during strength or interval training, where there is a lot of tension on the muscles. The calves are less tense afterwards, so recovery is also faster.’

Marianne Vos

Olympic and world champion, Cyclist

‘For years I’ve been using the socks while travelling, prior to competitions and during training sessions. Because of my background as a movement scientist I am convinced of the theoretical usefulness of the socks but as a professional athlete I have also found that it really helps with the recovery and prevention of thick or sore legs while travelling.’

Koen de Kort

Professional cyclist at Trek-Segafredo.

TEAMS and athletes

We are extremely proud that as a Recovery partner we can contribute to the recovery of the following teams and athletes

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Team DSM

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Team SD Worx

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