Compry Recovery

Compry Recovery offers you a better and faster recovery after workouts. With Compry Recovery you always have your own masseur at hand.

Athletes who actively train and play in competition have to deal with muscle fatigue. To get the most out of a training session, an athlete should be as fit as possible, so you have to recovered as well and quick as possible.

The recovery of muscle fatigue depends heavily on the disposal of fluid and waste. Active recovery while the using pneumatic compression of the Compry Recovery, is a convenient way to recover quickly.

The Compry Recovery system is a very useful restorative tool for athletes in any sport, whether when an athlete wants to recover optimally after training or between training sessions, and when an athlete wants to recover faster after an injury.

With Compry Recovery you always have that masseur at hand; at home, on the road or on the sports field. The device is lightweight and therefore easy to take anywhere.

How does it work?

The system consists of two spacious legs, each of which consists of four air chambers. These segments are computer-controlled, pneumatically inflated from distal to proximal, i.e. from afar from the heart towards the heart. Just as the sports masseur also starts from the ankle and then works upwards.

The pulsating pressure build-up from the foot through the calf to the femur is adjustable in three programs and at four different compression levels. The most firm pressure is similar to the effect of a deep massage by the masseur.

Since my time as national coach of the Canadian Team during the Olympic Games in Vancouver 2010, I am familiar with pneumatic compression. We loved it! A compression device mimics the normal physiology of the body. The device uses external dynamic compression. This ensures that the moisture, which contains waste because you have made an effort, is drained more quickly through the veins and lymph vessels. This will help you recover faster after strenuous efforts. We scored superbly during the Games in 2010 and that was partly due to optimal recovery after races and tough training sessions.

D.W. Ingrid Paul

Doctor for Top Sport, Hospital Gelderse Vallei

Features and studies

The recovery of muscle fatigue depends heavily on the disposal of fluid and waste. Active recovery is better to recover from fatigue than passive recovery. Pneumatic compression, such as which Compry Recovery delivers, is an excellent form of active recovery.

Research by Hanson et al. (2013) shows that when a maximum bike test is restored with the help of pneumatic compression, there is significantly less lactate (lactic acid) in the blood
is then passively restored.

Wiener et al. (2001) found that muscle fatigue of the tibialis anterior muscle (anterior tibia muscle) between two efforts was significantly better using pneumatic compression.

In addition to the effect on recovery after fatigue, pneumatic compression also has a positive effect on the recovery of tissue damage, which makes Compry Recovery also very useful in recovery after injuries, Johansson et al. (1998).


There are many of them. Think of the situation where you go on a training camp (individually or as a team) or you work towards an important competition. Or when you need that daily massage in the period of large scale training.

Want more information about the Compry Recovery?

Request information without obligation and contact us. There is also the possibility to rent a Compry Recovery. In this way you can experience for yourself what the effect is.

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