Are your compression socks in need of replacement?

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To make it easy for you, you can remember the following: your compression socks will last about the same length as your running shoes. Roughly estimated that is between 750 and 1.000 km. Just like the shock absorption of your shoes, the compression of your socks also gradually decreases slightly. How can you check if you are ready for a new pair?

Putting on the compression sock

A simple indicator to determine whether your socks need to be replaced is the ease of putting them on. It is often difficult to put on new socks. Logical, because the highest compression is applied at ankle level and on the underside of the calf. Exactly there, the cross-section of the sock is the smallest. So it is not surprising that you have to make an effort to get your foot through that opening. However, this difficult ‘pulling process’ is proof that the right compression is applied to your leg. Are you putting on your socks lately without any effort? Then it may be that your socks need to be replaced.

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After how many kilometers is a compression sock due for replacement?

Can you calculate when your stocks are about to be replaced? Below you will find a simple calculation. You can easily adapt this to your situation. Maybe you walk less or more or you cover shorter or longer distances.

Imagine: you run 3 times a week and you cover, including walking in and out, an average of 10 km per training. When you wear your Herzog socks during every training, you end up with 30 km per week, 120 km per month. After about 6 months you have walked more than 700 km with it. You can assume that the optimal operation is guaranteed up to, say, 750 and 1000 km. Quite handy: this is generally also the lifespan of a good pair of running shoes.

Now you can make your own calculation based on your own training kilometres. If you make more kilometers, the lifespan will be shorter in time. The same goes for trail runners who run a lot of altimeters. Of course, the altimeters themselves also count as kilometers. A race of 30 km with 500 altimeters counts as 35 km and not 30 km. If you only use our socks during competitions or, for example, only during that one intensive track training in the week, then the lifespan is of course longer.

”The Herzog sports compression socks effectively contribute to the prevention of lower leg complaints, I get as feedback from many top athletes.”
Prof. Dr. F.J.G. Backx. Sports doctor

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