Because this sport requires a lot from the (lower) legs, the compression socks have intertwined with running.

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Both the competitive and recreational runners experience support and stimulation of the calf muscle when wearing the Herzog PRO Compression Socks while running. This achieves a better blood flow to the lower leg. This can be useful in connection with lower leg complaints, but also for a faster recovery after exercise.



Athletics Herzog Medical
Athletics is an old sport where the athletes perform individually or in groups. Running is currently incredibly popular. Young and old enjoy running. This applies both to the fanatical competitive runner who trains almost daily for performance improvement and the recreational athlete who runs a relaxed round a few times a week. The colorful collection of Herzog compression socks are the favorite to be worn while running. More and more ladies are also going for a run. For example, friends training together for a ladies run in which working out together and having fun while running is paramount. In addition to running, long jump, throwing and high jump are also part of Athletics. Because this sport requires a lot from the (lower) legs, the compression socks have intertwined with running.

Calf and Achilles tendon and tibia complaints
In the medical world, the Therapeutic Elastic Compression Stocking is used for people with varicose veins or edema formation (fluid accumulation) in the legs. They benefit from wearing these stockings that closely enclose the lower leg. The experiences among athletes with calf, Achilles tendon and tibia complaints or another lower leg injury also point in this direction.

On advice, I started wearing compression socks. The socks are tight and keep my muscles in my lower leg compact together. This feels like a very tight second skin and as if every landing all my muscles are held and protected so that I feel minimal or no tension in my calves.”

Nicole Weijling Dissel - Dutch Record holder in the distances 800,1,000,1,500m, mile and 2,000m and current world champion in her class in the 800 and 1,500m


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